KBGA ADDS & Season's Greetings from MD Noelle



My name is Noelle Huser, I am the new music director here at KBGA college radio.

A little about myself: I am a journalism major and a music reporter for the Montana Kaimin, our university paper. I am very involved in the local music scene and can be seen at most shows dancing my heart out (I am also a dance major!). I applied to this position to start broadening my own taste and to further curate our station’s library. I am excited to develop an even more eclectic collection with rich local music, new experimental/D.I.Y. gems and a broadened international taste.

It is important to me that our community stays informed about what is happening in our music library each week. That’s why I have decided to compile a list of my favorite weekly additions, so you can keep your ears perked for our vibrant local music and the grooviest new tracks.





Kyle Curtis - Camelopardalis (live at the Eel Pit)

This album was recorded intimately at a live show at The Eel Pit, a Missoula house show venue. It highlights a ripe timeline of Curtis’s life, with songs ranging from his Junior year of high school to his Sophomore year in college. His lyrics are passionate and contemplative, dealing with scene politics and coming of age. His keyboard tastes are jazzy and he has a grounded folk tenderness to his songwriting and guitar melodies.

unnamed (1).jpg

Natalita - 6:An Unbirth

Natalita moved to Missoula after creating this album with a film in New Orleans. Her music is dark and rooted in the Louisiana swamps. She conjures the divine feminine in her pensive and primordial electronica, unhinging a powerful sexuality and a deep earthly connection.


Tomb Toad - Jellystone (single)

Tomb Toad is a popular local dark wave band and this buoyant tune is one of their most notables, usually closing out their sets, it shreds with adrenaline in the bass and slimy guitar.

New albums


Vulfpeck - Hill climber

Hill Climber bops hard with funky upbeat tunes. The vocals have a dancey R&B quality with goofy lyrics and catchy melodies. Vulfpeck explores the human condition with delightful optimism and humor, never taking life too seriously.


Rnie - Citrus

Rnie’s dream pop is ethereal and ambient. Full of nostalgic haze, chillwave meets surf rock sounds and soft lo-fi vocals to form prime study music.

New EPs/singles


Gong Gong Gong- Siren 7”, Down Quantity Road

Beijing rock band with psychedelic and blues influences. Their songs are charged with racing drums and driving bass.


Public Practice - Slow Down

This disco-punk has cryptic guitar and sharp-toothed lyrics about materialism.

field medic.jpg

Field Medic-Little Place

Field Medic is tender, with a short and sweet style. The lyrics are sung like simple poems, honest and reflecting both the inner self and the outer world.