Music Director’s top three indie artists of the week

New and established artists of the indie rock, dream pop persuasion have us floored with their innovative new sounds. Here are our top three picks for the week:


Anemone, Beat My Distance

This debut psych-pop album sees realism through a bright kaleidoscopic lense. Don’t let the dreamy synth and disco basslines distract you. Fairy dust vocals and bubbly guitar melodies float us away but ultimately, the lyrical accountability through self-affirmation brings us back to earth.


Jessica Pratt, Quiet Signs

This tender indie-folk chamber pop charms with mysterious and airy vocals, luring you into a hazey dreamlike state.


Cherry Glazerr, Stuffed & Ready

This indie rock leaves you fatigued in a daze of punky dream pop. Exasperated vocals sing fuming lyrics about going through the motions. The instrumentals lash out. Twinkling synth, reckless drums and sludgy guitar wear a promising pout.

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TOP 30 assembled by Music Director Noelle Huser