KBGA's 23rd Birthday Bash


KBGA and friends rocked the Badlander into a daze to celebrate our 23rd Birthday on Friday, September 20th. 

The Badlander shook as grunge, punk and rock and roll played for KBGA’s 23rd Birthday Bash.

Missoula’s own 90’s throwback rock five-piece Motorhome opened with soaring, loud guitar solos and vibraphone rhythms.

Touring Chicago sweethearts Dendrons tore the stage up under an eerie red light. The tearing also, apparently, extends to a guitar, whose strings become a victim at every Dendrons show in Missoula.

Portland, OR, rock quartet Summer Cannibals stole the show (and even tried to steal our very own mascot.) Aside from offering the space lobster a place in their van, they oozed groovy and cathartic garage-pop style.

Self-described token queer & POC punk group Poverty Porn ended the show with a scream and a bang.

Photos by KBGA’s very own Donal Lakatua and Madison Olsen