KBGA Top 20 [June 11-12]

  1. Cairns, The Language of Birds

  2. Foxygen, Seeing other People

  3. PUP, Morbid Stuff

  4. Angelique Kidjo, Celia

  5. Naomi Moon Siegel, Live at Earshot

  6. Drugdealer, Raw Honey

  7. L’imperteratrice, Matahari

  8. Kompromat, Traum Und Existenz

  9. Gus Dapperton, Where Polly People go to Read

  10. Darshan Pulse, Olive Moksha

  11. Adrian Teacher and the Apollo Ghosts, Compilation

  12. Ancient Pools, Cosine

  13. The Black Tones, Cobain and Cornbread

  14. Flying Fish Cove, At Moonset

  15. RGD, Million Reasons

  16. Grace Ives, 2nd

  17. The Murlocs, Manic Candid Episode

  18. Reptaliens, Valis

  19. Jackie Mendoza, Luvhz

  20. Big Thief, U.F.O.F.

Assembled by MD Noelle Huser


KBGA Missoulamusic, top 20