Top 20 October 8

  1. Brittany Howard, Jamie

  2. Boy Feud, Straight to Remix

  3. Frankie Cosmos, Close it Quietly

  4. Long Beard, Means to Me

  5. Y la Bamba, Entre Los Dos

  6. Guaxe, Guaxe

  7. Boy Scouts, Free Company 

  8. Velvet Negroni, Neon Brown

  9. Girl in Red, Beginnings 

  10. Jay Som, Anak Ko

  11. Lisa Prank, Perfect Love Song

  12. Angel Olsen, All Mirrors

  13. Isolation Society, Isolation Society 

  14. Tomb Toad, 3 new singles: “Fake Blood” “Pale Dream” “Slime Time”

  15. Gong Gong Gong, Phantom Rhythm

  16. Kate Teague, Kate Teague

  17. Tegan and Sara, Hey I’m Just Like You

  18. Alessandro Cortini, Volume Massio 

  19. Ra Bes x s_nya, Remnants of a God’s Dream 

  20. Katana Boy, Penny Arcane

Assembled by MD Noelle Huser

KBGA Missoulamusic, top 20