JULY 26 2019: Computer Update

From Facebook:

The new computer is on the way! I just had to get the blessing from some of our supervisors this week. We're getting a Lenovo workstation, which basically means it's a business class machine meant to be running 24/7 and will grow with us. It has to be built and shipped so expect it around the first week or two in August.

The old Studio 1 computer will still be of great use to us, once I clean it up (I WILL NOT delete any of your files!) it will be our new Studio 2 machine as it's specs are better suited for that. It should be done by Tuesday, just need to finish backing up all of our workbooks and archives that weren't on the server yet.

That's all for now, I'm sure everyone is aware of our trouble recently, it's been a serious wake up call and I wanted to thank everyone that's reached out to us. We'll come to you with a more unified message and plans to move forward in the next week.

Have a nice weekend, as always sending love 2 y'all.


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