We’re Hiring: 2019-2020 staff

Please keep in mind that while experience is preferred, student positions (all of KBGA staff) are intended to be learning opportunities, and we will consider anyone who excels at hands-on, project based learning. We may also ask about your qualifications in other available positions, so please list all that interest you in your application.

Contact gm@kbga.org with any questions.



This person is the liaison between all volunteer DJs and the staff and also acts as arbiter of the airwaves. The Program Director is directly responsible for awarding show slots, developing show concepts with individual DJs, training new volunteers, enforcing disciplinary policies and answering questions via telephone. Any and all on air issues go through the Program Director and Djs should quickly familiarize themselves with the PD phone number. Punch it into your phone right now.


Responsible for closely monitoring KBGA finances, including revenue from student fees as well as underwriting sales. The Business Manager works with an assistants, called Underwriters, to create relationships with local businesses and organizations. Working closely with these Underwriters, this person finds creative ways to help businesses, nonprofits and other groups advertise in a respectable, listenable manner.


Beyond being a radio station, KBGA is a hub for large scale concerts, local music, and a diverse range of community events. The Promotions Director is responsible for booking, organizing, and these events. They also assist in the purchasing and design of promotional materials such as t-shirts, posters, stickers, and more. Working directly with local and touring acts, the Promotions Director brings in live entertainment to supplement our new music programming. Artists from the New Music Shelf are often featured at KBGA events such as Birthday Bash and EndofThon, among others.


The Music Director is responsible for contributing to KBGA’s music library. They work directly with promoters, record labels, independent artists, and our own DJ body to populate the New Music Shelf with carefully reviewed music selections, ensuring FCC compliance and maintaining KBGA’s unique and diverse library. If you’re interested in being a Volunteer Music Director, contact a staff member.


The Volunteer Coordinator serves as a lifeline between the DJ body, the station staff, and the community. Tasked with managing the volunteer body, orchestrating events, and keeping in touch with the DJs on a regular basis – the VC works closely with the Program Director and the Development Assistant.


This person is responsible for overseeing the equipment in the studio/office and competently reporting any issues that cannot be addressed by them, to ensure the best broadcasting and recording quality. This will include providing the infrastructure for KBGA’s podcast hosting projects, working closely with the General Manager and Development Assistant to approve pitches and ensure that Studio 2 is accessible to DJs and community members.


The development assistant is a new position at KBGA that will focus on bringing events and issues from the larger Missoula community to our listenership, while learning the basics of audio editing and station software. No experience is necessary for this introductory position. Development assistants will aggregate events record short Community Event Calendars to be played on air, and will be encouraged to use the knowledge to brainstorm new ways for the student body to engage with the community through KBGA. This position will work with the Productions Engineer to grow our community-focused podcasting platform.


The media director handles photography and video content for station functions and events. They help manage KBGA social media with the Promotions Manager, as well as create video content from KBGA, by KBGA, for local event promoters and regional music festivals.


In previous years this role was a catch all, entry level position at KBGA. With the introduction of the Development Assistant position, the Office Manager retains the many of the same organizational and logistical duties (including mail retrieval, managing Studio 2 reservations, and ordering supplies) but with a stronger focus on KBGA’s longevity and efficiency. The Office Manager will be in charge of maintaining our Public File, which is inspected yearly by the FCC. Applicants should be flexible and observant, and eager to take on small roles in various staff projects as a facilitator.