Why volunteer with kbga?

Our Volunteers are the heart and soul of KBGA College Radio. Every DJ donates their time to make the programming you know and love, but it doesn't stop there!

If DJing isn't your scene, there are so many opportunities throughout the year for you to join us.

KBGA has a presence all over Missoula and we want everyone to get to know the best community of artists, local businesses and life enthusiasts in the galaxy.


any of this sound familiar?


"I keep giving my friends music recommendations, and talking about my extremely niche interests, but they don't seem to care."

KBGA is built on how much we care about this issue. You deserve a platform as much as our listeners deserve someone who loves what they do! 


"I moved here for school and I've barely talked to anyone that wasn't holding a clipboard with a petition on it yet."

We've been there, it's what drew a lot of our staff to KBGA in the first place. While you do not need to be a student to DJ or volunteerKBGA is a great resource for students especially. 

"I know that Missoula has a great arts community but when I go to an event, I don't know what to do with myself."

Volunteering launches you from the perimeter and puts you right in the action, whether it's DJing at a First Friday event, working the door at a show or helping clean up the Clark Fork.


"I always see this really cool person all over town, and I need to know what their deal is."

They're wondering about you too, and they're probably a volunteer at KBGA.  


Yes? maybe? here's how you can get started:

connect with our volunteer coordinator, Madison

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