Music of May!

favorite albums on the new music shelf

Local Limelight


Naomi Moon Siegel, Live at Earshot

Naomi is a prolific local musician who is an advocate for intentional listening and incorporating improvisation. Her jazz is fluid and experimental, blooming into cunning arrangements.


Darshan Pulse

, Olive Moksha

This Buddhist prog rock captures the essence of Samsara, the Buddhist doctrine of cyclical existence. The album serves as a raw exploration of death and rebirth.

Regional Love:


Flying Fish Cove, At Moonset

Against the dreary Seattle, WA weather, Flying Fish Cove create optimism in the age of sad indie pop.The fantastical meets the mundane with their magic realism.


Ancient Pools,Cosine

This Olympia, WA super duo of indie folk-rockers is wise and wistful.Their pop is physical, evoking the sensations of the Pacific Northwest environment, full of forest and rain-heavy skies.


The Black Tones, Cobain and Cornbread

This brother-sister duo blends Seattle grunge with their Southern routes for punk blues that confronts racism and commands the stage.

5 favorite New Releases:


Still Woozy, Lately

Still Woozy’s first EP is full of juicy and colorful tunes.These songs groove with ease and are perfect for lusting over.


Orville Peck, Pony

This neo-western music is glamorous and cathartic. It carries a dramatic darkness through pronounced vocals that tell a new kind of western tale.


Jackie Mendoza, LuvHz

Jackie Mendoza sings fresh tunes in English and Spanish, reflecting on her experiences growing up in the border city of Chula, Vista, CA. She expands on multicultural experiences, backed by latin beats that will flood you with adrenaline.


Kompromat,Traum Und Existenz

This Berlin techno-punk is intoxicating in its hypnotic dance tracks and compelling beats.


Pup,Morbid Stuff

This mash of pop-punk and indie-emo equates to aggressively depressed. Rabid riffs guide us to catharsis.

Assembled by KBGA Music Director Noelle Huser