New on the shelf: tunes in bloom

The new albums we added to the KBGA library this week bloom with ingenuity.

Local Love


Fish Bwoi, beacH Dayz too

All ears are on the new Fish Bwoi on the block, who’s debut hip hop album is a local heart throb.

TOp 3 arists of the week


Lungbutter, Honey

This Montreal band lets their fury flower in their debut album. Visceral spoken word flourishes in the sweet sludge of harsh noise. Lungbutter’s post-punk is lush and alluring.


Cate Le Bon,Reward

Cate Le Bon, originally from rural West Wales, has an easy charm with their quirky and honest dream pop. In this album they process emotions with simple, lighthearted reflection. Deadpan lyrics are poetic against art-rock instrumentals.


Faye Webster, Atlanta Millionaires Club

Atlanta artist Faye Webster creates rich folk pop. She gets a grip on nostalgia and romanticism with a sulky sway. With soft vocals, she sings about getting your groove back, venting over breezy slide guitar.

Assembled by KBGA Music Director Noelle Huser

May 31,2019