Tuning into June

Be sure to be tuning into KBGA this June for for special attention on the latest local and regional releases.

Local Love


Cairns, The Language of Birds

This album soars with themes of migration and taking flight into self realization. The mandolin emotes experimental and energetic folk. An underlying darkness is contrasted by the charm of trumpet and toy piano.

Sound on for these new singles

Montana artists are Catching our ears witH their new singles.


Linus,“Weeping Daisies”

You are lucky if you spot Linus playing her guitar in a downtown bar or cafe. It’s always a sporadic moment of introspection you didn’t know you needed. ”Weeping Daisies,” her first released song, paints the silver-lining with folk vocals and a driving electropop beat.



Wrinkles, like the rest of Missoula, was in hibernation this winter. But during the depths of seasonal depression, they decided to rock out in a blanket fort. Experience the comfort and innovation of their friendship in the music video for “Thunderstorm.”


Slow Dakota,“Doom”

Slow Dakota is an Indiana indie-rock project but their new single, “Doom” features vocals from Montana native Birdie Hall, a prominent visual artist known for her radical western art. Cutting lyrics haunt with childhood trauma.

regional Highlights


buttstuff,I Need a Break From Heaven pt. 1

We can’t get enough of Buttstuff... this Boise band is an emo dream team. Raw emotion is palpable in gloomy and gleeful moments. Soft vocals weep over tight and dynamic garage rock.


Hoi Ann,Cowboy

This Laramie, WY duet makes perplexing indie folk. Sweet piano chords, drum machine beats and soft guitar are whisked away in a Wyoming wind. Their swoon-worthy cowboy tunes are rich with harmonization.

In National News


Haybaby,They Get There

Haybaby’s Brooklyn post-punk is thoughtfully expansive. Lyrics deal with exerting life’s energy and painful emotional processing. This witchy music provides the perfect catharsis.

Assembled by KBGA Music Director Noelle Huser

June 2019