Tormi releases their self-titled debut album

enchanting in pensive introspection


Tormi’s self titled debut album enchants in pensive introspection.The album is a compilation of songs the local art rock band has developed over the past few years. Molly Buchanan is its thoughtful leader, taking ownership of her musical innovation and expressing herself to the most poignant ability.

She sings soft and soothing vocals, poetically reflecting on moments of hardship and gaining insightful new perspective. She describes the internalized narrative as dualistic, through the perspective of two kinds of characters. They are comparable to a masculine and feminine energy, one is a soft spoken and sensitive vessel, nurturing darkness, the other is fierce, facing outward and projecting light.

Gentle vocals guide through jazzy saxophone and intriguing guitar. Emily Silks, a local drummer who plays in  a variety of bands in a variety of genres, creates artful and breezy drums. Rob Cave, equally eclectic in his bass-playing, stays grounded in this album, but provides important gradients to its emotion.  

The journey of “Tormi” is ethereal and mysterious. The album is quick and calculated, exposing simple but sacred glimpses into Buchanan’s mind. Though her solo performances are equally enthralling, there is something rejuvenating that encapsulates the full-band sonic experience, providing even more energy and texture. The album is an essential to Missoula, listen and without a doubt hear a piece of its musical soul. 

The record is out today through Anything Bagel, a local DIY label that produces limited-run CDs and cassettes. There will be a release party at Western Cider at 6 p.m. Bands from the Zootown Arts Community Center’s girls rock camp will begin the night, with creative songs from Galactic Shock, Jade Dragon and Da Bananaz. Thomas Ashley will perform heart wrenching indie-pop melodrama and Kaylen Krebsbach of Wima Laverne Miner will share her sad and stark indie folk. Then Tormi will perform the long awaited album live. 

Assembled by KBGA Music Director Noelle Huser

August 2, 2019