Top 20 [July 16-23]

  1. Mermaid Bookclub, Relatable Content

  2. The Cleaning Crew, The Cleaning Crew

  3. Still Woozy, Lately EP 

  4. Cairns, The Language of Birds

  5. Mavis Staples, We Get By 

  6. Mattiel, Satis Factory 

  7. Naomi Moon Siegel, Live at Earshot

  8. Cate Le Bon, Reward

  9. Middle Kids, New Songs for Old Problems 

  10. Stef Chura, Midnight

  11. Froth, Duress 

  12. Lungbutter, Honey

  13. Faye Webster, Atlanta Millionaires Club

  14. Amyl and the Sniffers, Amyl and the Sniffers

  15. Haybaby, They get There

  16. buttstuff, I Need a Break from Heaven pt. 1

  17. Hoi Ann, Cowboy

  18. Red Steppes, Arcs

  19. pronoun, i’ll show you stronger 

  20. Drawing Boards, The Message 

Assembled by MD Noelle Huser

KBGA Missoulamusic, top 20