Fresh finds of July

In the heat of the summer, we are burning up a bunch of great new music. Here are some highlights on our favorite adds of July thus far. 

Local Love


King Ropes, Gravity and Friction

These Bozeman, Montana rockstars have a tight sound with poignant MT vibes. Big Sky sighs are delivered with moody twang.

Top 3 favorite new albums


Mattiel,Satis Factory

This rampant rock has a vintage feel. Powerhouse vocals spit poetic lyrics to match, ringing off the tongue with a shrill but sound dynamic. This album is in its own element, smart and stunning in all its strife.


Spirits Having Fun,Auto- Portrait

Art rock that is as melodic and mathy as it is chaotic and colorful. This album slaps into new dimension free falling


Mal Blum,Pity Boy

This indie pop rock beams with angsty teen summer vibes. Guaranteed to make you smile ear to ear.

Assembled by KBGA Music Director Noelle Huser

July 2019